You Can't Afford to Get Sales Wrong

Over the past 30 years Ciaran has trained thousands of sales people and re-engineered the sales systems in hundreds of businesses. We all need to continually adapt to a changing competitive market. Ciaran's methods and processes can help you re-engineer and re-purpose sales systems, methodologies and people. You WILL get real commercial ongoing results. 

Getting this wrong is not an option. Fixing sales is critical - at a time of global and  local change, success in the next 12 to 18 months will form the platform needed to maintain and hold market leadership for the next five years.  

Sales and marketing are your front line in securing the future. There will be challenges  and setbacks. A determination to succeed and the resilience to adapt are essential to succeed the coming  paradigm change. Ciaran's unique and proven methods will help you make this happen.  

Why Ciaran?

Unlike other trainers, coaches or speakers, Ciaran is more than a 'Thought Leader' he formed and owns a successful business that uses his own techniques. Techniques that are PROVEN with millions of sales calls, thousands of meetings and negotiations forming the basis for sales success for him, his team and his clients.

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Based on over 30 years practical experience running sales teams and programs. I created this powerful course to deliver an immediate improvement in New Business Success.

Ten clear graphically presented lectures cover key elements every salesperson needs.

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